Good habbits/things to do to loosen your hamstrings and hips?

Amber P.
Get into downward dog and then pedal your feet, say, twenty times, then enter child’s pose, then hold chair pose for a designated amount of time. Suggestion: 5 mins. Then get in child’s pose again.


Baptista W.
Stretching of course! I stretch every night in order to undo at least some of the damage I cause by staying at my desk all day.
Hans Otto R.
Hey, you can stretch with a elastic just put it between your feet’s and than do a split (side) it helps with loosen you hamstrings
Math O Z.
Stretch as you water the gardens and breathe deep as you hold poses that move differently than sitting. Allow the muscles to enjoy the flow of energy from the hips down to your toes. Let your brain activate the muscles as you relax into new positions. I personally enjoy laying on the floor with my legs up the wall. I work with gravity and gratitude as I play with new strength as I become more flexible and comfortable.
Phil J.
Try stretching your body before and after doing every exercise, including yoga. It does not have to be for a long time, just until you feel your body loosen a little more.