What do you focus on for the 1 minute? I feel like I need at least 3-5 minutes! Perhaps Fabulous did this to encourage us to try it and come to find ourselves going beyond 1 minute…

Rudinele S.
😂😂Exactly !
You should stretch a muscle for a minimum of 30 seconds. So technically you could do two stretches in 1 minute. They feel so good that I find it hard to stop.
Anto Z.
I never have it less than one minute. I find myself going beyond the minute every time sometimes going into 5-8 minutes. A goal of mine would be to be present for the entire day.
Jezabel E.
Taking your time is fine as long as you don't have to go anywhere. To be honest, I can shower for one minute, – really do anything. However, I enjoy showers and the moment whenever so when I loose myself and Fabulous alerts me again, I know it's time to do something else.
Lyna E.
Every morning and evening, I make sure to stretch out my legs, then I sit in butterfly pose to stretch my hips while I lean each arm over my head to the other side. I feel like I get so much stretching done just from that and I feel much more relaxed.
Joanne Y.
I think 3 minutes would be better as 1 minute isn't long enough to focus on anything. I do a bit of everything but not enough.
Nicholas O.
during that minute, at first i always thought about things that make me anxious and scared but now i tend to think about things that make me happy. the little things in life; like watching a sunset with you girlfriend
Astrid B.
I focus on my greatest aches first-my back needs lots of stretching!! I tend to go longer because there are many stretches that benefit one area. Then…I do a quick arm and leg routine.
Jess C.
The first minute is very distracting. I takes courage totñstay focus. I like tovstart my stretches in bed . I juts push my hands up and feet down for last 5 seconds at a time and I do it 10 times. Then i do twists to each dise , cow/ cat, down guard dog. The i get out of bed and stretch my upper body. That makes me feel good
Jenny O.
There is a neat trick about fabulous, it doesn't want you to do everything perfectly. It wants you to do your best. And right now, your best is better than their expectations, so blow them away. Do however much you need to be comfortable.