How much does stretching affect muscle recovery?

Heidi F.
Releases trapped lactic acid and allows more flow of oxygen which in turn improves muscle function and overal activity & movement throughout the day.
Jonathan P.
Stretching helps relax muscles and makes them more flexible. It also helps rebuild muscle fibers and improve circulation, which all contributes to muscle recovery.
Lylou T.
I feel like it helps recovery because it seems to release that lactic acid pain I have from daily activity & work outs. I also drinks lots of water & now sleep hygeine for last 2 years as that's when body repairs itself. Also effortless way I "accidentally" dropped 25 lbs 😄(wasn't my intention for starting sleep self-care)
Dan O.
i’m no doctor but i do play sport and so do all my friends, my boyfriend is a really good soccer and runner and he needs to stretch up and down when he plays or races and it’s really important otherwise you’ll be sore the next day, so yes aha definitely recommend
Jackie O.
It affects it alot because if you're stretching correctly then it can't get injured
Suzy Z.
I think it makes a big difference to do a slow down or stretches after exercise. Rather than just abruptly stopping, your muscles have a chance to adjust the blood flows back to normal. I would think an abrupt change would be harder on the heart.
Julian P.
It helps displace a chemical in your muscles that keeps you sore. It’s been shown that stretching also helps you stay stronger and aids in recovery
Ethan C.
I feel like it helps a lot. Especially in the morning. Drinking water and then stretching helps rehydrate those muscle fibers and fluid supported parts like your spine that need to relubricate after a night of sleeping. Do your joints a favor and make stretching a habit!
Bill X.
Stretching is everything. I’m one to procrastinate doing this too but when I *consistently* do this, I felt better overall.

If LeBron James does it anywhere and consistently, we should too.

Marga Q.
Well, when you start stretching every morning you feel more comfortable and leaner as if you can run for miles and slip through the tightest places, which I guess would be great for muscle recovery and relief.
Roger B.
It helps a lot. I have arthritis all over and just getting out of bed is an effort on many mornings. I stretch in bed and out. I also go to tai chi three mornings a week.
Ivo Z.
Stretching can improve muscle recovery, if it is done after exercise, when the muscle is warm, than before, when it is cold.
Phillip U.
When you strech you become more flexible. When your more flexible your muscles can strech more. Streching can help with muscle recovery.
Tyrone S.
When you are sore after working out (same day or day after), the best thing you can do is stretch those muscle groups. It helps the feeling of being sore, but also helps torn muscles to heal faster.
Valentin B.
I find it helps me A lot. A simple stretch totally relieved spasms, aches, lower back pain.
Evelyn C.
So much! Stretching let your body recover faster so the next practice will be more effective
Celal F.
Stretching is important before, during and after the day
Muscles work differently and those used less often can be damaged easily
Stretching doesn't have to be full on, just something light
When shopping, for example, alternate arms when reaching for items or use squat movements to pick low bits up
Raymond P.
I've used to stretch for over 70 days, which doesn't just affect muscle recovery, but also boosts my productivity and wellbeing along the day. You can see I'm writing this response after 15 hours without sleep, and after a tough day, including attendance at the university and afternoon job, then coding some stuff at home for 3 hours.
Also one recommendation, is to focus on your body in each step, and breath deeply, which is an act that will extend the effect to the mind.
Tha S O.
Stretching while sore has benefits because first you will move and sore muscles hurt if you exersice with them but not that much when stretching
Caterina S.
Actually when I sarted using this I did not have any believe this app but,now I have to say it makes me start my day with a smile on face….whereas about the muscle recovery they are in condition….THANK YOU for asking I am glad that I answered yourquestion
Louella O.
Very much. And not only does it help the muscles, but also the bones, your spine. I often feel as if I am very stiff and my bones are calcifiated or something or just tied together, but after stretching, especially in the morning, it feels really really awesome.
Nat O.
For myself personally it is what has allowed me to continue exercising. Before I understood the importance of stretching I would eventually pull a muscle and wouldn't be able to continue. For me stretching is the difference between muscle recovery and damage.
Nick F.
Stretch affects muscle recovery In many ways. One is once you stretch after a workout, your body won’t be too tense or hurting. If don’t stretch my muscles get really tight and I’m too tense. I feel very uncomfortable and not relaxed, that’s why stretching is very important to me
Lina Z.
pretty much actually, first of all it helps with soreness, and relaxing your muscles after you worked out will help for the next workout and can actually make your muscles stronger. also streching before every workout will help with mobility and working on the right muscle group
Carla U.
Stretching has major affects on muscle recovery. That's why it is important to stretch before & after workouts.
S L Ne Z.
Immensely. I suffer from severe disc issues, in my lower back. If I don't stretch & strengthen the muscles, especially in my back, I have a very difficult time moving. It becomes very painful, like my back is seized. Stretching prevents further damage & keeps me moving. Even on days when it's hard & painful. A gentle stretch is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Craig Y.
if you do not stretch after cardio or weights your blood is in danger of clotting and you will get muscle cramps. always cool down after a work out
Asta A.
It will improve muscle recovery by helping lactic acid subside, as well as stretch out the tense muscles. This will help with the soreness after a workout. Stretching will also benefit muscle recovery by increasing length and mobility.
Jonas Z.
Stretching helps my muscles to relax after a tough swimming session so that the next day there is no muscle pain.
Luzio F.
I still feel pretty achy as my muscles still aren't used to exercising but it definitely does help speedy recovery and with sitting at a desk a lot it's essential really.
Monica P.
Prevents secondary injury from muscle tightness affecting posture
Araci Q.
It actually helps to a greater extent than you would initially think. It loosens those tight muscles up, giving that muscle less work to do in order to recover!
Roy P.
I do everything by song. I use one song to stretch for a warm up. Two if I feel extra stiff for some reason. And one as a cool down.
Kyle R.
Very important since it keeps muscles flexible, making recovery easier.
Cory O.
Stretching greatly improves quick muscle recovery. It also increases flexibility and can reduce some types of back pain
Lukas Z.
Static stretching helps flexibility but doesn't really prevent injury, reduce soreness, or speed recovery. Stretching after a workout does help you maintain flexibility and reduce muscle tightness.
Active stretching before a workout is part of a good warm-up. It increases blood flow to the muscles and helps you move around more freely.
Stretching regularly throughout the day can also help prevent signed and tightness from chronic or repetitive positions like sitting at a desk all day.