Any fun, surprising stretches you’ve tried?

Eva X.
I personally have fun doing backbend (bridge), splits, straddles, anything that is related to gymnastics. Trust me it's super fun

Danielle Z.
I tried the stretch where you lay on the ground and put your legs up on the wall before bedtime. It’s supposed to relax you and help sleep. Not sure that I noticed that but am willing to try again!

Holly N.
I follow a couple of physical therapists who put new stretches on their daily podcast. So I just use those to stretch. That way it focuses on varied muscles. I get to try something new, and I add my favorites to my routine.

Alice W.
I've tried body-ballet today. What an experience! It was difficult and rewarding, tiresome and beautiful, harsh and pleasant. Not sure that I will keep going for the classes, but I feel thankful for this amazing experience!

Same U.
Been using my TRX bands to help stretch my upper body especially front of chest and shoulders, since my work involves hands forward and center all day.

Thea Y.
I’ve only tried the beginning stretching activity but the one where you have one foot and one hand on the ground was challenging.

Helga A.
Two of my favorite new stretches are yoga inspired. You go into child’s pose, then you can add variations while in that pose. First, move your arms over to the right at a 45-degree angle and hold the pose for a count of 20. Then do the same on the left. Go back to original child’s pose, then thread your left arm under your right at a 90-degree angle while turning your head to the right and placing your left ear on the floor. Hold for a count of 20 and repeat reverse on the left side.