What strech do you think is most effective?

Roberto Z.
I follow videos on YouTube, they help me a lot to stay focus and motivated. You need to know what is what you want to achieve, and then you’ll find the right routine for you.
Sara J.
Group of stretches for glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Hamstring stretching have always been important but have become more essential since covid pandemic has made us more sedentary; Too much time sitting has mandated this.
Maryam N.
It depends on what you need, if you know your legs are very inflexible you should work on that with lunges, butterfly,etc. Good full body stretches include touching the sky then your toes and standing like a star leaning both sides.
Heather P.
I like doing the cat stretch. I have trouble with my lower back sometimes and I am currently working on losing weight. Doing the cat stretch losens up the muscles, also strengthening muscles that hold my core strength.