At what time of the day do you prefer to stretch?

Aaron Y.
It is a little easier and more relaxing for me to stretch during the evening, by then I really need to relax and it is a good transition period for me.
Cathy Q.
Any time of day I feel aches, pains, soreness or stiffness I’ll stretch. I also make sure to stretch after exercise. I don’t worry about the time, I listen to my body.
Hector X.
I prefer stretching as soon as I wake up. I feel it helps me get ready for the day and really wake up. For some easy early morning stretches try searching YouTube for"morning bed yoga" 😊
Amar Lio Q.
I stretch first thing in the morning to awaken my body from deep sleep because I tend to not move when I sleep. I also stretch a number of times throughout the day because I work in an office environment. Also, after my workout I do an intense stretch as well.
Eliott Q.
I’m really short of time most of the day, so i stretch around 11pm while doing night meditation. It’s how I try to catch up with everything i have.