Tell me the ways you stretch in public!

Jaques Z.
Some ways I stretch in public is when I am in school, since I am always hunched over my paperwork. I sometimes reach my arms back and lean. Most of the times, when teachers say that when they want us to stretch, I am almost one of the first ones to get up! I sometimes do it in seminary, when I’m leaning a lot. A tip: sitting up straight with a good attitude is key!
Jen U.
Um, I don’t care so much if people think I’m an oddball so I’ll pretty much do any stretching I need to do in public. Mostly waiting in lines or after getting out of my car. Mostly neck, arm and lower back stretching. Just any muscle that seems tight. Mostly I stretch before or after a workout though. Also before bed is nice. It feels really good when done consistently! Good luck!!
Ma Ra Z.
I find the least crowded areas and do stretches that don't draw too much attention. Such as touching my toes, squats, shoulder rolls, arm stretches. Even a little stretching makes a difference.