Does anybody have any tips on increasing your lung capacity and improving blood circulation in the body?

Candice West
Yes, Breathe is a product made by doTERRA! An essential oil that is used by athletes. It opens the airways fully and allows for the maximum air through the body. Email me [email protected]

Eberardo Costa
What I am doing around this is CrossFit…..excellent stretch exercises and interesting integration of lifting with high intensity metcon component. I hate anticipating it, enjoy being in the hour session and am elated after. Feel like I have stepped into ‘healthy’. Yoga would be another way. Stretching is everything regarding a healthy structure for circulation.

I trust this actually going to a fabulous user and not the AI element of this app/experiment.

Karla Rasmussen
To increase lung capacity, you can take in breath for five seconds, then release making an 's' sound for ten seconds. Keep doing this everyday a few times until you get yourself to fifteen seconds, then twenty, and finally twenty five. To increase circulation, when standing for a while, bounce your knees a few times and when sitting, increase posture, which actually allows your lungs to expand more.

Martin Martinez
Indian culture and Yoga postures have all the answers
Pranayam , in particular, is very effective
Mudras or positioning of fingers during breathing exercises can channelise the prana or pure consciousness locally in desired areas within the body