When your muscles are sore or need attention what is your preferred way to stretch?

Sofie C.
Stretching is good anytime of day, whether your muscles are sore or not. You stretch whenever you feel tense, whenever you feel the pain after a workout, but I prefer a period of stretching just immediately after my workout. In fact, my workout timer doesn’t end until I’ve given all the worked muscles a good and proper stretching. I usually find much less muscle pain between workouts when I focus on this every time.
Jonathan U.
I prefer to use a heat pack of get a proper massage. Stretching on its own doesn't seem to be enough to loosen my tight muscles unless I do it regularly after a massage. Maybe a combination of heat and stretching could do the trick
Sue U.
I have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller. They are super cheap but one of the most effective things I’ve found to truly help sore muscles