How you manage to complete your afternoon routine at work?

Anatole Y.
My afternoon routine is work focused. All of the chores are things I do at work so I take five or 10 minutes and I go through it and I do them because Iโ€™m already at a computer.
Sylvio N.
My afternoon routine currently consists only of eating more vegetables and taking my vitamins. I keep a large days of the week pill organizer locked in my desk and fill it with vitamins on Sunday for every day of the week. Then I take them first thing when I get back to my desk after lunch. For lunch, I started making healthy choices
Kunigunde F.
I have 3 breaks at work. I have my tiny meals, meditate or take a nap in my car. Like today, me and my coworkers took care of 81 patients. I push my time to relax, meditate or yoga. Food for the soul.
Andy N.
Well that was a challenge for me too. It depends on your work environment ofcourse . I allowed myself some time to explore my offices. Where can I walk to? Where can I do a little exercise? It took me a few weeks to get the new routine implemented. It's basically an adventure. Try not to focus on the obstacles but ask yourself every day: how can I make this work? Be creative and think outside the box. And let yourself be inspired by a colleague. Your workdays will be energized.
Malo O.
I have lunch at around 12:30/13:00. If a short lunch at my desk I then tAke a walking break at 15:00. Otherwise I don't 'manage' it. I get on with my tasks / meetings
Silviano Q.
My afternoon routine is just exercising usually. And the only place that forces me to do that is school. Stretches and warm ups before I go up three flight of stairs and I try to stand and walk around the classroom whenever possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ But that's school. For work, I would say to find those stretches and workouts stuff on the internet that you can do at your office table. I found some at it actually feels great to do it.
Evan Z.
I struggle with my afternoon work routine consistenly. Lots of ad hoc work comes in at the end of day and stopping and carving out distraction free time and revieiwing checklist is a chalenge. Using fabulous helps. Just need to stay commited on busy days
Jade Y.
I try to keep my afternoon rituals simple and healthy. They consist of getting my water, deep breathing, 5 minute walk. I am able to accomplish this and break up the day a bit.
Nanna N.
I do it by blocking out specific time in my day for every event, appt, project, meals, tasks, etc… I leave very little room for the unexpected or mondain. I make no excuses to allow other things to take up that block of time.