Is stretching for long periods of time a bad thing?

Sonia E.
It depends on person to person. Someone’s long period can be other person’s short period, everyone have different potential and they should learn their individual capacity to exercise but one should never exercise excessively over their own potential, as it can give severe strains and pains to some muscles. Understanding your body helps with judging your time limit.
Addison U.
As with anything it depends on what you are trying to achieve. A number of sources have indicated to me that long “static” stretching should only be done after a workout and not before. This is because muscles are like an elastic band. When working out we rely on the elasticity of our muscles to provide the strength to push, pull and lift weights. Static stretching loosens our muscles, reducing the amount of strength available for training. Better to perform dynamic stretching before a workout.
Irma J.
If you are holding ONE stretch for too long it can over-stetch the muscles but to do multiplied stretched for half and hour or more iant so bad. If it is something you are worried about, try just doing some small stetching, and if you feel something needs to be stetches more. Do it. Your body will tell you when it needs you just need to listen.
Sofia P.
Define long. In my opinion stretching is great as long as you listen to your body. I usually hold each stretch for anywhere from a 6 to 30 breath count. Pushing a stretch to gain flexibility takes time and some uncomfortableness but not pain. As far as how long you can stretch for, I use it as a meditative practice so Sometimes longer is better but again I don’t hold each stretch for more than a 30 count.
Kenzi F.
As far as I know in Order to get an effective stretch of the muscles you need to allow for at least 30 seconds per targeted area. You should be able to get an optimal amount of stretching for your body in 15mins or less.
Wladimir A.
I believe it is good to stretch your whole body at a peaceful place so your muscles relax while they stretch out not tense up so I would have to say no.
Now make me do it!! 😆