How often do you take a break to check in with your body and see if anything needs stretching?

Chaviva Y.
Not often enough! Usually, when I get up from my chair, I will stretch a bit, but I don’t have a set scan to see if I need stretching throughout the day.

Kali F.
I normally lift and move correct through out my day. If I notice my feet, which is the most common, I try to adjust or wear different shoes all together. If I’m sore, I will stop and stress or rub it out constantly. Doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does I know it’s due to lack of sleep. I try to make sure I get that if I need it.. whether going to bed on time, or taking power nap. I do try to pay attention but I know I should stretch before I start my day to make sure my body does stay healthy and uninjured.

Anna B.
At least once a week. Although, I wish I did it more often. I will stretch sitting in my chair at work or sitting up in bed but I need to work on doing more total body stretching..