What would be the best stretch for stress and anxiousness?

Debra O.
I don't know if this could be considered a stretch but I will tell you what I do and find useful when I get anxious.
I put a pillow under my head and raise my legs against the wall so that my legs are about 90 degrees with my body. Then I close my eyes and focus on my breath.
I stay like that for 5 to 10 minutes and it really helps me.
Another thing I do while I'm laying down is to softly pound with the tips of my fingers on the center of my chest in the area between chest and neck level and go up snd down. There is a glandular area there that affects your feelings of well being and is activated that way. I do this excercise at night before I go to sleep and I find it very good. Hope this helps!
Jenny P.
I enjoy cat/cow. It really slows my mind and my breath. Also, it helps that it feels great for my spine and shoulders; where I carry my stress.
Andrea S.
Child's pose because when you breath deeply the stretch becomes more pleasant and it releases a lot of pain for the back!!
Felix W.
I personally do not think there is a single stretch to battle stress and anxiousness. The longer your stress session is the better. Think of your strech routine as time where you only concentrate on your movement and emptying your mind from stressfull thoughts.
Eli F.
I like to stretch the places that get tense from my stress, like my neck, shoulders and back. Rolling your shoulders back is a good stretch.
Maciel P.
למתוח את בית החזה כי זה גורם לנו להכניס אוויר ובסוף המתיחה
להוציאא, את הצוואר כי יש עליו המון עומס מורגש ואת הגב והבטן כי בגב מצטבר המון לחץ ומתיחה בבטן גורמת לך לנשום
Aaron O.
Standing up and walking around to get me out of my chair and head space . It’s always good to get up and air out your brain from all the hard work it’s doing. Stimulate a different part of the brain for 5 or 10 mins after siting in a chair in the same spot for hour.
Gabriela P.
https://pin.it/p4ievd4baggdue | this is a link to detailed instructions on some poses for anxiety. My favorites are legs up the wall, child's pose and back
William I.
Stretches that target the back of the neck are always good. A lot of people carry stress in this area, and tension there can cause eye strain, headaches, and jaw pain. Look online for diagrams showing how to safely stretch these muscles.
Mariara Q.
Just getting up and standing as tall as you can get. Open up your chest by by pulling shoulders back and taking a along deep breath.