What time of day is best for stretching?

Dianne U.
In the evening your body is more flexible and stretching will make you relax…
Do in the morning to feel better during the day 🙂
I usually start my day with some sun salutations

Daryl Q.
I think either morning or evening.
Morning is nice because you get to start your day redressed and stretched, but evening is equally lovely because you get to end the day feeling relaxed and 100% ready for bed.

Eden E.
All day! Listen to your body and feel when you need to stretch. Start your day with some water by your bedside, and gently stretch as you hydrate, then when you’ve been sitting too long or stuck indoors all day, take the opportunity to gently stretch your arms, neck, back and legs. Finally, before bed explore some balances and stretches that will relax you before sleep. Perhaps you could develop a daily yoga practice. Be gentle with yourself, and enjoy your stretches!

Jeppe Z.
All times of day! I like getting up in the morning and doing some up-down-touch-the-ground-get-me-in-the-mood-for-food stretching when I first get up. I love a deep stretch after working out when my muscles are all warmed up and limber. I also love an evening gentle yoga stretch to get me mellow before bed. There is, literally, no wrong time of day to stretch. Whatever you pick is right!

Charlotte U.
The best time for me is when I know I will have the extra minutes in the day to stretch slowly and fully. Sometimes that’s in the morning, and sometimes that is at night. I try to stretch my full body and that takes a little bit of extra time and love!

Mandy S.
Just observe the animals. They stretch when they wake up and right before sleeping. It's good to stretch when you wake up so you can wake you body, muscles, joints, with you, and prepare them for the day and the movement. When going to bed is good to stretch so you can relax the muscles and the tension.