What muscles do you stretch? Do you do a whole body stretch or specific parts?

Malou Z.
I wish to do a whole body stretch regularly with focus on my legs. My legs are the most obvious problem point as I can’t even get close to touching my toes. Ideally I can follow a stretching routine that someone else designed to stretch as much of my body as possible
J N.
This is my basic routine: child’s pose, cat-cow, downward dog, three-legged dog, high lunge, warrior 2, plank, downward dog again, and cobra pose (20s each). Then, I add an extra 15s for specific muscles. For example, I stretched my triceps today. Tomorrow, I’ll stretch my quads. So to answer your question, I do both!
Jean U.
I don't really care much about which one. Usually I do whole body stretch. Right now I am focusing on showing up every day for it.
Alexandra Q.
I do a general full body stretch using poses like downward dog to help relieve tension, but I try and focus on hips and neck/shoulders as I have trouble with these areas! Have a think before hand on what areas you feel need focus and look for a stretch routine online that targets those areas.