Whats your morning stretch?

Igor S.
I start off with a round or two of Sun Salutations to help me get into my practice without having to think about it. Then I'll focus on a target area (maybe my back is sore or there's tension in my neck), or I'll just move how I feel in the moment until I'm ready to start my day.
Francisco S.
I think the place where you do your stretch is important. I go to a spot close to the river so that I feel relax. I start the session with energetic breathing. Then, I stretch my neck and back since I work at a desk. I also workout my legs because I take a walk after stretching.
Armand Z.
I do a few abdomen twist so that i can pop my back. I roll my shoulders to set my posture and i streach my legs as far as i can. 🙂