What are some good stretch poses?

Shay F.
Hi user!!! I like to sit on the ground with my legs out. Bend them both in, so looking at your legs it looks like an m. Lay on the ground after doing this with your legs.

Emma J.
I think the warrior is a good one. You should also do cat and cow movements, as well as stretching your neck by rotating it from side to side, but not all the way around!

Lauryn N.
A tricep stretch is good for shoulder pain; you put one arm behind your head and the hand of the other arm on that elbow in order to press on the tricep of the arm that’s behind your head. (Confusing, I know)

Sarah C.
A good morning stretch should include three most easy and simple stretches: 1. Start with the Child’s pose and do it with hands on your side and then your hands stretched out in front; 2. Transition into the Cat-Cow pose and repeat it at least 5-6 times; and 3. Finish the routine with a few Downward -Upward Dog routine for a few times. You are all set to take on the day. ⚡️😇

Gustav F.
Stretch out your arms above your head, lock the back of your hands together knuckle to knuckle, and try to push into the air until you feel the stretch in your armpits

Harry J.
I personally think that anything your body enjoys, is what you should do. However, if you need help and guidance, yoga with Adriene is my go-to. I personally like child's pose for relaxing and a food arm stretch and warrior one if you need a good leg stretch.

Marcial S.
Like for yoga I usually do a short meditation. Then go into a child's pose. And then downward dog and I dont know what it's called but I have both feet hip width apart and one arm is in front and the other is behind. Then I do another downward dog and child's pose. The child's pose is super relaxing its my favorite.

Kristin A.
My stretch routine is forward bend, calf stretch, pyramid pose, wide leg forward bend, seated in a chair, cross 1 ankle over the other knee and bend forward. Also don't forget the feet and ankles.

Trinity O.
I was once a gymnast and did softball, so i’m very aware of good stretching poses. I always stretch my arms and back as they are usually the achiest. My shoulders, too. I crack my back and neck all the time, so none of these stretches hurt.

Connie A.
Hello, if you are starting to stretch (did not do it for a long time or ever) i recomend to check some stretch poses ( I used pinterest) and try them. See what feels okay for you and your body. You have to feel the stretching, but it should not hurt. After some time you can chose more dificult poses. Good luck

Vee N.
1.)Reach for the sky
Toes ….then back up reach for the sky…
2.) Standing bend at at hip & touch toes.
3.) stretch arms wide
4.) Place arms behind back

Donald F.
It helps with filling up the lung…my breathing was short at the beginning of the session.. then progressively it deepened and the body less tired.

Ryn O.
When I get up in the morning, I do some basic standing stretches, starting with reaching downward to my toes and then coming back up to reach as high to the sky as I can. Stretching out your back as soon as you wake up is very important, as you've been laying down for hours.
For stretches before, after, and during workouts, I tend to mimic the stretches of a cat; getting on my knees and striking somewhat of a "downward dog" pose. Then straighten my legs while laying on my belly and pushing my chest up, (arms fully extended, not bent) and trying to bend my back towards my feet as far as I can.
Just do what feels relieving and helpful in the moment- while staying safe, of course.