Where can I learn new stretching techniques?

Jesse G.
By taking a deep breathe (inhale then exhale) while stretching up your hands and then you also rotate your hip to right and left.Good Luck!
Noemie O.
From your cat. Just watch her, what she does, and try to copy it. This is a very funny way to learn stretching techniques. Other way, you can watch videos on YouTube, there are planty of videos about stretching, pilates, yoga, or other exercises, which can help you.
Bessie U.
On the Fabulous app, when you are launching a meditation task it offers variable choices for different types of meditation
Frank U.
YouTube is a great resource for this as there are tons of videos, so it would be easy to find something that fits your skill level and time frame. Alternately you can listen to your body. What feels tense? Whatever that is, that's what you should stretch.