How can I be more consistent when stretching in the morning? I tend to get bored or distracted.

Teresa F.
It's only a minute that you really need to stretch. 5 seconds is all it takes to make, or not make, a decision. Build your character and will 5 seconds at a time.
Sonia E.
I have always found breathing into the stretches vs moving into them as being very relaxing. Proper stretching, like Yoga & Ti Chi, is more mindful than exercise in the popular use of the term. Allow your mind, body, and spirit to flow into one and bring your focus into full breath. Inhale as you begin and then exhale as you move into the stretch or pose. You should feel a good stretch, not pain. Done properly, stretching can be a physical oasis.
Gabriele Z.
When you wake up try stretching while your still in bed touch your toes and other stretches , you can also stretch next to your bed
Silke A.
You have already seen the benefits of stretching so believe it and also believe you can achieve the same. Next make a small target whichever you feel is easy to achieve e.g. 3days, 7 days, 14 days 21 days and so on. Mark after you have done it and see the streaks you have made. That will motivate you to carry on. And the final advise would be decide a fix time when you will do it. The time which you know would be most suitable for you. Best of luck.!
Brenda I.
You can make sure to tidy up an area just for your stretching. It doesn’t have to be something super extra like a whole room so you can even stretch in your bed. Set a timer for you to stretch so you don’t get off track. Before stretching, scribble down a quick list of some stretches you would like to do that morning. That way, you can check the list if you’re not sure what to do while stretching.
Debbie Y.
I get distracted too… then refocus on how much I love my body and appreciate it and finish showing myself love by stretching deeper.
Serenity R.
I like to listen to music when stretching. Then I time my stretches to the music. On mornings when I’m short in time, I do my stretches as I make my coffee – just standing at the counter.

For me, it’s important to be flexible about how I get things done (no pun intended….). Otherwise I’ll just get frustrated and quit.

Good luck on your journey!

Leonard U.
Usually I put on special clothes for yoga or stretching and brush your teeth and get your stuff done like every morning then you wouldn’t be distracted
Felicia C.
You might hold each position for less time and alternate back and forth. There's also plenty of more difficult stretching positions where you can focus on improving your technique day by day. If you haven't tried the default routine in Fabulous, it's pretty interesting and challenging! Otherwise, mindfulness meditation is the perfect place to practice calming your urge towards distraction or boredom.
Her Dia W.
Focus on what muscle groups you are tightest in and stretch them first, then work to the least right. If you get interrupted at least you got the most needy parts done.
Or make it fun and stretch like the dog or cat or think of yourself as some other animal..
Jonathan W.
Try listening to relaxing songs, mantras and music related to it. Make sure you are logging your time and that you preview the stretching in your log
Serafim Q.
I’d suggest watching different YouTube videos every time you do it! Or make a playlist and put it on shuffle so you don’t know what comes next/fall into a routine. Changing your setting once in a while may be nice as well! Even if you do get bored, try to turn it into mindfulness as well
Frederik N.
Start top to bottom, or bottom to top, stretching everything. Feel each part of your stretching body, think of things it did (or will be asked to do) during the day and thank it for its hard work.
Inge J.
I tend to listen to music or a podcast while I am stretching. That keeps me engaged even when the stretch is not interesting
Ivani C.
I need to write out a daily schedule and look at it every 20 mins. I can't stay on track bc I forgert what I was doing. Need a schedule and stick to it.
Bogdan G.
Try to focus on the feeling you have in your body while doing the stretch. Sometimes tickeling, sometimes burning, sometimes like a relief
Kristin S.
You can think of how much you need it. How much of a terrible lifestyle you had before, and believe you can accomplish it.
Marianne O.
It will become routine once you get into it. Also, focus on the benefits. And if you forget to do it one day then don’t beat yourself up and do it when you remember
Ethel U.
That is why I spent $50 on this program . I have no idea how to keep my focus . It is an awful habit of mine to jump from one thing to another and not do anything consistently or well. I am getting the morning routine much better with this check list but am not doing anything with the weekly or evening routines
Samir F.
Do it first thing (right after the bathroom break).
Make it interesting. Turn your stretches into a dance as you walk to the kitchen for breakfast. Other stretches can be done as you are squeezing into your jeans.
You do not have to be wearing leggings and sports wear to stretch.
Marcus C.
I stretch at night before getting into bed to read. I find it better to do a quick routine instead of neglect to be consistent with a longer one.