How can I be more consistent when stretching in the morning? I tend to get bored or distracted.

Ethel Hill
That is why I spent $50 on this program . I have no idea how to keep my focus . It is an awful habit of mine to jump from one thing to another and not do anything consistently or well. I am getting the morning routine much better with this check list but am not doing anything with the weekly or evening routines

Gabriele May
When you wake up try stretching while your still in bed touch your toes and other stretches , you can also stretch next to your bed

Jonathan Johansen
Try listening to relaxing songs, mantras and music related to it. Make sure you are logging your time and that you preview the stretching in your log

Marcus Petersen
I stretch at night before getting into bed to read. I find it better to do a quick routine instead of neglect to be consistent with a longer one.