What bedtime routine have you created that includes the Stretch habit?

Mads Pedersen
Ash my face, brush my teeth, put on my pajamas, then stretch my body out well, take relaxing breathes, get in bed and snuggle down

Barb Jenkins
My entire bedtime routine is brief. I’m practice a small routine of behaviors fostering sleep. My stretches are: standing calves stretch, seated Hamstring stretch seated piriformis stretch and down-dog.

Ronnie Thompson
I don't have the stretch routine as bedtime. I've set the set water ready for tomorrow morning routine and meditate. Meditate before sleeping is great for falung asleep. So almost no effort at all. Stretching is for in the afternoon when I feel drowsy from lunch. Hope it helps

Zoey Lewis
My evening (bedtime) routine starts at 9 pm. I clean & tidy up, stretch and check my weight. I think thats the perfect evening routine (at least for me).