How long do you typically hold your stretches?

Benita Bunk
I like to hold each stretch about 20-30 seconds and that works best for me. If it’s shorter than that I feel stiff and sore after a workout but holding for longer than 30 seconds doesn’t seem to be necessary so I think 20-30 is just right.

Stanley Webb
I depends if I'm feeling rushed or not. If I'm excited to move onto the next thing, or I feel pressed for time then I go for at least two breaths, otherwise I hold it until I feel something release. What about you?

Yann Guerin
I try to hold them for at least 1 minute.
Just make sure you stretch gently so you don't get hurt.
30 seconds might still be good, but a little more than that makes them more effective.

Lise Arnaud
I hold them for at least 1 minute.
If you have never stretched before you coul starr with 30 seconds, and be very gentle.

Saionara Da conceição
30 seconds usually seems right, but in the last ten seconds I tend to push deeper into a stretch, especially in my lower body.

Mike King
15-20 seconds then I take a deep breath and go a bit further if I can if not I move to the next one. Helps lengths your muscles and if focus on your breathing while you stretch. In through your nose, out with your mouth.

Austin Hunt
Stretch duration varies for me, my minimum is 8 secs, but if I find a particular stretch very helpful or necessary I may hold it for 20-30 secs or return to it.

Lonnie Hoffman
I hold stretches for a count of 30sec as this helps my muscles get the nutrients from the position. If I only have a short time I do about 3 different stretches and I hold them for 20sec but I try to have enough time to do a proper set of stretches

Méline Vincent
I hear that you need to do at least 30 seconds while breathing so your muscles get oxygen! I try to hold for 5 or 6 slow breaths 🙂

Kylian Vincent
If it’s a folding stretch, I like to hold it anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes to reflect inward while enjoying the stretch

Monica Ward
I usually hold my stretches from 30 about seconds to a minute. If I have extra time I might do the stretches in another cycle.

Signe Jensen
When I get into position, I check to see that each Part of me is properly aligned. Then I ease slowly into the stretch, moving carefully or waiting a few moments when I feel discomfort. When I'm at the edge of my stretch, I wait for it to elongate. I don't rush it. When it starts to elongate I follow it, until it stops, then I pause and rest. This often happens several times, elongation and pause. When the last pause is in place, I may stay there for a minute or more, as I know my joints are beginning to recognize this position is a new possibility for the future. The whole sequence may take 5 minutes or more.

Alice Byrd
I have been told it takes 30 seconds minimum for the muscle to be able to get the full effect. I was a dancer for a number of years.

In Yin yoga, where you get into a pose and hold it for 5 minutes or more, it’s my memory that it's not So much a muscle that one is stretching, one is working there with connective tissues and that needs more time.

Loivaci Da luz
I usually hold each stretch until I can feel the muscles relaxing and letting go. This can vary from day to day. One size fits all is not appropriate for most people.

Isabella Christiansen
For arm and shoulder stretches I usually do dynamic stretching. For chest, back and abs I usually for for 30sec – 1min. For legs and hips I'll usually hold for 1-4 mins if I'm dedicating the time to a proper stretching session for improving flexibility. And I start off with a couple mins of dynamic leg and hip stretches to warm up! Hips & legs are the area I'm actively trying to gain flexibility in at the moment, so I put the most time and focus there right now. If I don't have 30-60mins for stretching, I'll do as much as I have time for! Even a quick stretch makes me feel better.