What poses do you use or feel work best for you?

Eli U.
Guys, I think we've got a problem here:
The question is with regards stretching, right?
Well sadly it's not quite clear, so the developers might want to take a look at this script.

Long story short, i just don't care about the poses. Wake up in the morning and stretching my bodyparts while I'm still in bed. When I can feel it everywhere, I'm done.
Don't overcomplicate it, it's a simple thing. 😊

Fil Mon C.
Standing up with my legs spread out and then bending over to the middle. Then after holding in the middle for 10 sec then leaning toward each leg, instead of middle, for 10 sec each. I find it easier right now for me than sitting down with my legs straight and leaning forward

Jayden J.
Rag doll is my fave yoga pose. My whole back side of muscles are always tight—from the top of my spine to my calves. Doing a sun salutation with an extended rag doll helps me relax and stretch out my neck, back, hips and hamstrings. It reminds me of all the tension I carry throughout the day and allows me to let it all go before I go to bed and get ready to face the day in the morning.

Shane Y.
During my yoga routine I follow almost all of the poses on this link – (https://www.popsugar.co.uk/fitness/Best-Yoga-Poses-Sitting-All-Day-46427111#photo-46427105) – except the pigeon and the last fish pose coz my buttocks had been paining just before. My advice while doing any exercise is, to start slow with less exertion, stop when you feel uncomfortable and everyday try to increase the level without causing pain or injury.
If it feels good, it most probably is a good stretch / exercise.

PS. I also do some of the poses from here – https://www.dailyinfographic.com/yoga-cheat-sheet – depending on what part of my body I feel is neglected.