When is the best time to stretch?

Jennie C.
It is better to stretch in the morning after you wake up so you feel energized for the day and you are not that sleepy anymore!!!
Falko X.
The best time to stretch would definitely be in the morning! This is because your muscles need to stretch and move so that they can be ready for the day. Since we do not move when we sleep, are muscles and bones aren’t stretched out and there may be little sufficient blood flow. The morning is the best time, but whatever works for you!
Steve U.
First thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Also I like to stretch after sitting in my chair at work for long periods of time. It feels like it energizes my soul.
Eleanor U.
The best time to stretch is after you have warmed your body up some first. Cold muscles is easily how you injure yourself. I like to stretch shortly after waking up and right before bed.
Magnus W.
I like to stretch in the am to get loosened up before walking—my feet hurt. Then do stretches after work because my feet hurt from walking and my neck hurts from leaning forward all day at my desk to look at my computer screen and phone screen.
Alicia O.
When you first get up, before you start moving around ot exercising, whenever you've been sitting sedentary for long periods of time, before you go to sleep
Krzysztof R.
I usually stretch in the evening as I do a lot of my work from my computer so I like to get up and do a little stretching after all my work is completed for the day just so my muscles don't feel so stiff and painful.