What are the 5 stretches you would recommend for an older (or more mature) woman? The aim is to maintain flexibility and build core strength.

Gertrud O.
1. Hip opener (yoga happy baby or stacking folded legs in front like cross-legged sitting), 2. Hip flexors,
3. Back extensors (relaxing down into a yoga updog type position),
4. Child's pose reaching far forward, to each side, and "threading the needle" (for spinal rotation),
5. Chest opener (lie on back with towel roll along spine and relax arms open to both sides).
Juliano F.
Overall, as many different ones as possible. Anything to do with your back, hips, shoulders (frozen shoulder prevention) and straight forward neck. Standing leaning down one side, twisting, yshoulder stretches and you’ll feel your core tummy and back muscles activate! Best wishes!
Mendo N.
I would start with recommending to start easy – overstretching is very painful and not nice. Explaining exercise is hard without examples so I cannot really do that here – I would recommend to go on YouTube and find others who show how to stretch properly as posture is essential. That, or take yoga classes.
Ellen T.
1. Forward bend – Bend over and hang. Knees soft and legs straight. Hold for a few seconds then roll up slowly.
2. Cobra stretch – lie on stomach, place hands by shoulders and push upper body up while keeping pelvis on the ground. Tilt head back and breath deeply
3. Spinal twist – lay on back. Lift right leg over left while trying to keep your right shoulder on the ground. Repeat on both sides
4. Ball roll – sit cross-legged and hold your feet. Slowly roll backwards until you're on your back. Use your arms to pull your feet in as close as possible, creating a small rocking motion. This works the lower back.
5. Deep lunge – lunge and slide your back leg as far back as it can go. You may place your hands on the ground for support. Your chest should be on your knee. Stretches the legs.
Sigrun O.
I would recommend cobra for core strength. Knee hugs, reaching for your toes, and sitting in butterfly are good for flexibility. I generally look up vinyasa yoga poses for the kinds of stretches you’re looking for. They’re usually fairly simple and work wonders.