If it hurts to stretch does it mean I’m doing it wrong?

Giulia Z.
The first thing is to listen to your body. If it hurts just dial back the stretch a little. You should feel a tension but not pain. Different people are differently flexible so you may need time to develop flexibility. The more flexible you become, the further you can stretch without feeling pain.

Secondly, make sure you breathe deeply while doing the stretches. Holding your breathe can cause the body to tighten and resist the stretch.

You may also have knots in your muscles – these can be painful especially when stretching. The best thing for these is to use a tennis ball or a foam roller to massage the sore part of the muscle. Or go see a physiotherapist – they are excellent at resolving this. And drink plenty of water (this will stop muscle knots happening).

Listen to your body. Breathe. Improve over time. And get help for the pain if you think you might need it.

And smile 🙂

Auguste P.
Not necessarily. It depends on the amount of unease you experience. A little pain is not something to fear, but sharp acute pain means “stop, go back”. My best tip is stretching until you feel unease and breathe into the stretch. That way your body has time to let go, relax and adjust. Happy stretching!
Oliver U.
I don't believe that if it hurts the stretching there a connection necessarily with wrong doing. However, our bodies should not be forced to overcome certainly limits all of a sudden. I mean the strength in resisting stretching moves can increase overtime. For me especially neck stretching in certain moments would have been much beneficial!
Maria J.
If you have pain with stretching, you are probably trying to do too much too soon. Ease off the stretch a bit until the pain goes away and you just feel a gentle pulling tension. If you keep this up regularly, you will be surprised how fast you gain flexibility and can do more. However, if you continue stretching through pain, you risk tearing muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This would put you out of commission for a while. So slow and steady!
Sebastian A.
It needs to cause you some discomfort. But it shouldn’t cause serious pain. Just listen to your body. If you think you’re damaging it take a step back and apply less pressure on the stretch.
Nora X.
not necessarily but you should not be injuring yourself when doing stretching I would just back off just a little bit and baby step into it also don't forget to breathe and breathe through out the stretch