What’s the best way to stretch?

Lea W.
Gently and with intention! Pay attention to your body and use blocks (or furniture like a chair) to help you until your body get used to the stretch and you will be able to bend more easily. Patience and practice make stretching easier and feel so good to you and it will bring calm to you knowing your body feels better. Feed your brain good endorphins and then your brain will help by feeding you good positive vibes changing your outlook. To quote my Sphere letter “Practice trumps theory”.
Elias W.
I mean doing neck stretches 1st to the right side then to the left side looking straight ahead and like leaning neck down to wear ear touches shoulder as if it's going to touch shoulder. Also the diag'nal when I turn my head half the way to the side that then plate my nose turns my underarm to stretch. Keep the opposit arm behind your back in 90゚ angle helps the stretch. Also pulling one knee laying on back and pulling 1 me up to the chest and holding at their color hugging it to the chest gently for a good stretch 20 to 30 seconds do on each side at least 2 times, after do that then pull both knees to the chest for a gentle stretch. Then on back pull knees up facing sealing the feet flat comment then lift feet off the bed and keeping upper body flat facing up role kneesu1st to the right so the torso twists to a 90゚ angle. You stretch band to stretch just open, and do the back exercise app on phone for further neck shoulder back stretching
Villads P.
There is no best way, in my opinion. As long as you're stretching multiple different parts of the body for long enough to warm the muscles then you're doing well. Whether that's through yoga, basic stretching, or howeveryou choose to do it.
Shannon R.
You can follow a guide on YouTube or via an app, but the basics of stretching are as innate as hunger, thirst or needing to pee.
The keys are to make sure to stretch your muscles one by one working through your body in an order that makes sense and feels relieving for you. Make sure to breath slowly and deeply, like yoga. Drink a big glas of water once you're doneone.