What is the best stretch?

Lucas B.
We sit hunched over so often, typing, reading, sitting at a desk. My favorite stretches counteract that. 1) Stand up straight arms out shoulder high, turn your thumbs to point behind you then try to make your thumbs touch begin you. 2) put both arms straight up in the air and try to touch the ceiling. Get up on toes, lift your chest, whole 9 yards. Imagine if you can get one more cm you’ll get it.
Dorota C.
The best stretch is elongating your arms and legs, allowing your body to feel a whole stretch instead of a conformed stretch.
Joy F.
A low lunge with a twist in the same direction as your bent knee. In yoga practice, the common or familiar name of the pose/stretch is “Low Lunge with Twist Pose with Knee on the Floor.” The pose works on your full body if done correctlyz
Here is a link to explain.
Quinota Q.
For me, the best stretch is leaning forward from the waist and touching the ground. I do it with my feet slightly apart. Then I repeat it with my feet crossed one way, then with my feet crossed the other way.
Lisandra E.
I like to do a few yoga poses; such as sun salutations, downward facing dog, and warrior pose. Try following a few yoga classes online or at a gym; find what works best for your bodies needs.