Do you find stretching most useful in the morning, halfway through the day or at the end of the day? When works best?

Amalia P.
For me stretching is more useful in the morning as soon as I wake up, cause it helps me feel full of energy and it gets me ready for a new day

Bethany Q.
I like yoga videos – I am a fan of yoga with Adrienne and SaraBeth Yoga.
First thing in the morning helps get the blood flowing and wakes me up and sets me in good stead for the day

Kelly N.
All of the above!

In the morning it helps me wake up. In the afternoon it breaks up my day, gives me energy, and ensures I’m not sat at my desk for too long. Before bed, I follow a yoga stretching routine that prepares my mind and body for sleep.

I also stretch before and after my daily walk 😊

V Ctor P.
I find it more useful in the morning, when the busy day is ahead and the probables bad postures of the night are behind. In the afternoon, the mess is done and for rest afterwards is just not worth it.

Mariann W.
So much changed for me within days now I make sure I get a good morning stretch when I wake up I’ve moved to a warmer climate not necessarily the greatest surroundings but warm enough for me to get my walking in daily! And I make it a point to stretch throughout the day it keeps the afternoon nap away.

Victoria N.
I find stretching in the morning works best for me. Sometimes if I have been moving furniture or that kind of thing, I will do a quick stretch to get the kinks out, but that is rare.

Etel T.
I feel that I dont have time for strecthing in the morning but ın the end of the time is more challanging so prefer in the morning

Mishiqua P.
I find it more useful in the morning because you are there sleeping in the same position and not getting up to walk can make your bones stiff. So in the morning you can kickstart your day with flexible, healthy bones.

Fabien Y.
It most effective in the morning once you wake up… and after workouts of course… in the morning it makes me feel that muscles are active 😅