What is a good stretching routine? And how long should I stretch everyday to see improvement?

Gabriella E.
I personally don’t have a routine. I just stretch my arms and my legs however i feel to that day. It isn’t like a 30 minute workout, its just a stretch

Natalia V.
If your stretching routine is more to relax, try relaxing stretches like touching your toes. But if you’re stretching to become more flexible, then try doing the splits. Also stretch 10 minutes in the morning, 20 in the afternoon, and 30 at night. More stretching at night helps you from tensing back up while sleeping.

Princess P.
A good stretching routine are doing activities that are only "light" so that your muscles would not get shocked when you actually become more active. How long you're supposed to stretch? Depends on you actually, mine is for atleast 10 – 15 mins.