How do you stretch in an office setting?

Asta Z.
There are lots of stretches you can do in a chair. One example is crossing one leg over the other, then bending over your knees to touch the floor with your finger tips. You will feel a stretch in your hips and lower back. Also ensure you do stretches in your chair for your back, especially to arch your back to help counter the way your spine naturally curves as you sit to work.
Mel Nia F.
I tend to stand up and just stretch out my arms and rotate from side to side. Then sit back down. There is also a quiet room where I can go.
Ilza O.
It is tricky, but mainly because of being self-conscious. There are many simple sitting and standing stretches that got can do at your desk, or find a quiet conference that's unbooked for half an hour and stretch in there. To make it easier, make it a team effort and invite more people along so you could book a regular space for it!
Wayne Y.
Just standing up and getting out of your chair can be great to stretch your legs. Also there are lots of stretches you can do while sitting in your office chair. Google stretches you can do from your office chair.
Mohammad N.
There are actually many good stretches, particularly yoga stretches, that are designed to be done from a chair or in a small office space. The best thing to do is Google for them, or check (one of my favorite sources for exercises) to find ones that work for you. As an example: Sitting up straight in a chair, you can stretch your legs out in front of you and flex your feet up and down; lower your legs, then repeat. (This is also good for travel, such as on long car or plane trips.) Another from a chair: Stretch your arms above your head, interlock your fingers with your palms facing the ceiling, and look up at your hands, keeping your posture straight. A standing stretch: Stand on one foot; bend your other knee, and taking hold of the top of that foot, gently pull your heel toward your rear end; repeat with the other leg. But in a nutshell: There are many good resources online for office exercising!
Francis O.
If there is a break room, you can take a short stretch there. If not, just do it in a restroom without touching the floor with your hands.
Rachel T.
Firstly press the rocket button at the bottom right of home page……
Then press 'make me fabulous' in that press stretch then turn ON your data & press download on 7-min stretch… Then u can do it offline….
Pamela Z.
When I’m in the office I usually stand up and do some arm stretches – one arm across my chest for a few seconds and then the ither. After that I do some wrist stretches to avoid repetitive strain this is especially helpful for artists.
Cameron F.
I try to walk around as often as I can between my tasks. Instead of going for a coffee, smoke or snack I go for a stretch. Either in the rest room, or in a little office at the end of the floor. Mostly I do back stretches and gentle spine twists, leg stretches and shoulder activation, all while standing or bending down. It's also possible to do it on a chair. If someone sees me? No problem.. I'm not doing anything secret and forbidden, most say "hey that's a good idea!" 🙂