What are the best stretches for your shoulders to loosen them up in the morning?

Debbie Fernandez
Just basic reaching high up
into the air stretching while doing so; then clasping the hands behind your back and bend forward letting the armsfall forward over the head

Victoria Andersen
1. Thread the needle
2. Bringing one arm across the body and after that same thing with the other arm
3. Star gazer
4. Triangle pose
5. Shoulder stance

Gustav Christiansen
I don't know what are the options. What do you mean when talking about loosening up shoulders? I'm not that deep into this vocabulary yet

Dragica Hofer
On a deep inhale I raise my arms above my head and clasp my hands. On the exhale I stretch upwards while pushing my feet into the ground. I take a few deep breaths in this position. On an exhale I gently separate my hands and lower my arms in a backward circular motion until they come to rest at my sides.

Avery Moore
Simple shoulder rolls in the warm-up. Then I find that a morning routine of yoga bends and twists the shoulders from the upper arms, straight through the neck and shoulder blades, all too well!?!