what is your favorite stretch?

Susanna F.
Stretching my back fully in dog position: hands and knees on the floor and making yourself completely round to the sky and than hollow to the earth.
Christen N.
If you struggle with shoulder pain from keyboard/mousing, try this one. Take a light weight in your hand, even a can works, with your arm hanging down at your side, palm facing toward your body with thumb forward. Shrug that shoulder up without tilting your body toward the other side, rotate your hand backward so your thumb is facing the back of the room. Squeeze that shoulder blade in and hold for a few seconds. Slowly reverse each step until you’re back at neutral. Switch to the other side of your body. Repeat a few times on each side.
Mathilde B.
I am trying to do splits and others to get more flexible in lockdown so i like doing that since i am not that commited right now but hope to be better soon
Marie P.
My fav stretches are the ones that stretch my back and neck. Cat and cow stretch, neck rolls, and finish with child's pose to set my intention for the day!