When is your beat time to stretch? Where in the day do you find time? Throughout the day or a good long stretch session at end of day?

Nicholas Z.
What I would do is stretch for 8 mins before going to bed because it helps you find a comfy position and you will sleep better or if you do want to sleep better you could try meditation before bed that’s what I do hope this helped you xoxo

Absal O C.
I stretch at the end of the day, just before going to bed, anytime I do some sport and often I do a couple of exercises after breakfast

Johanne N.
I try yoga in the morning, a quick 5 minute video by yoga with adrienne on you tube 🙂 same time I'd normally spend snoozing my alarm so hasn't changed my time!

Melanie N.
I find that I stretch throughout the day when I can and a long session hopefully before bed let’s stretch whenever you can I made it here a minute there

Roli E.
I like to stretch in the morning right after meditating. It helps to wake me up and loosen me up from sleeping. I also love stretching during the day at work though since I work at a desk job. I want to start stretching at night to help me sleep better.

Marin Y.
I prefer to beat each stretch by a minute, so I try to go a minute longer on each stretch to maximize my stretches. I prefer to stretch in the middle of the day around lunch time. It helps relax my muscles and gives me time to relax in general. Puts my attention away from work.

Conrad A.
I stretch in the morning.
I've found some stretch routine, that you can do in bed.
It really helps me feel more alert,
in the slow moving morning's.
And the best part is that I don't even need to leave the bed to do it ☺

Naz Rio Z.
I stretch in the shower at night. We have a big walk in shower. I find the hot water and stretching really relaxing at the end of the day.