What does your exercise routine look like to do? Do use use vuelas, gym, or your own routine?

Dulbella Q.
I have my own routine because I find that if I do stuff that ik what is best for me I can easily change it any time I get used to my routine
Jacob O.
Personally i try to listen what my body needs in that time.In my daily routine work and responsibilities take a lot of time. When i listen to myself i sometimes meditate sometimes stretch. I like working with weights also for cardio i am planning to take up jumping ropes. Heart must pump;)
Jacqueline N.
I train with a friend and trainer using Zoom twice weekly, play golf and walk the course twice a week, and walk my dog 2.5 miles twice daily
Nora P.
I do my own workout routine! I usually use one off of YouTube . The type of workout I do is usually a full body or a abs workout. I hope this helps!