Is it better to stretch at night? In the morning? Or both?

Oscar O.
For me, it is better to stretch in the morning. I stretch in the morning, because I have tight calves, and it is painful for me to step on the floor without stretching them first.
Ludmila S.
I do both. Very important though to keep stretching light in the evening, especially if you do it before bed as too intense session will disturb sleep hormone production
Laura J.
Hi, I have done my stretching before I get out of my bed, in the evening while watching Chris Cuomo at 9 p.m. on CNN, and in the middle of the night, if I wake up and can't get back to sleep! It actually helps me to fall asleep right away! I feel so good and relaxed after an hour stretching every part of me for 15 seconds each area of my body. I love doing it!
So, As far as I have found, it makes no difference when I stretch. I really enjoy it! Meanwhile, I wish you to enjoy The Fabulous, to be well, to have great happiness and to have a lot of laughter in your life. Bye bye.
Mariane E.
Both. Stretching at night relaxes the body and mind and makes it easier to fall asleep. Stretching in the morning is helpful because is sort of “rights” the body before beginning the day.
Valdo Z.
I do both when I can! It helps me wake up and be ready for the day in the morning and helps me wind down and relax at night.
Benjamin W.
If you’re just getting started, anytime is just fine! I love to do it in the morning after lying down the whole night, and I love it in the afternoon after several hours behind the computer. Just start!
Ivan B.
I guess the more tou strech, the more you ll benefit from streching. So actually if you time allows you to, it will Be a good think to strech both on the morning and at night.
Christian P.
I assume it would be better at both. In the morning to ready yourself for the days activity, and at night to relax and keep the routine. Am I correct?
Iolanda B.
Both is better. Through in a 5 minute stretch or exercise to help relax your body when you go to sleep and rises your brain activity and muscle movement when you wake up. Its always healthy to get a 5 minute stretch before you rest for the night
Mary F.
I think both is best. I heard that stretching before going to sleep may improve sleep quality. And in the morning, it makes you feel better.
Jakob F.
I find that it is more helpful to stretch in the morning, right as I'm waking up to start my day on a "self positive" note.
Toni J.
Some say that it helps you sleep, but it's also true that it activates blood circulation, so it should help wake you up in the morning.
Anyway, be gentle with your back in the morning.
Mathias Q.
Both. I benefit the most from having a longer stretch (5-20 min) in the morning and just a quick stretch in the evening/night