How often do you stretch?

Arlene C.
I stretch three times a day: once in the morning after waking up, once after writing on the computer, and one last time in the evening.
Gabin N.
Hey buddy
This is Sajedeh
Actually I've started stretching recently.
I think less than a week. Anyways, I try to stick to the plan: "stretch at least 1 minute everyday, right after waking up".
While Im doin it, I can hear my body appreciation, every muscle in my body, thanks me😁
It feels wonderful and I encourage everybody to add stretching to their morning routine.
Keep going and enjoy
With love🥰
Jacob C.
Not very often, honestly. Well, I do it a lot when I wake up to get the grogginess and stiffness out my body. But besides that, not much. Mainly after when I work out, which is pretty infrequent too.