What is your quick stretch routine in the morning?

Klemens X.
A quick bend over stretch to stretch the hamstrings back to legs. A bent knee stretch to energize the cabs and engage the quads. A cat cow stretch to loosen the spine and to gauge the core. A stretch to stretch my shoulders and cracked my back in cow/child’s position

Signe Z.
I use my natural inclination to sit up in bed and stretch my arms out, roll my head. That begins an intuitive stretch 'routine'. I move to the edge of my bed and lean to the floor sitting. It's great that my body naturally wants to stretch on waking, and now I recognise this as a habit and stretch more consciously. And get to tick it off 😁

Livramento Q.
Lying in bed when I woke up, cross legged stretch and pushing over my legs to stretch out the back. Also standing and forward fold with arms behind above the back towards the sky always helps start my day

Rene I.
Sir at end of bed and stretch legs or and touch your toes. Bend backwards to stretch back. Stand up and twist and shake it out

Jesse E.
While standing I try to touch my toes. Then I take a step out to the side. Touch one toe then the other. Then I lean to the side and arc my left arm over my head and to my right side. Then the reverse. I roll my shoulders forward. Then backwards. Right ear to right shoulder then reverse.