What stretch do you find most helpful?

Marika F.
Since I'm doing this as a part of my morning routine I usually wake up, drink water in bed, then just stretch in bed too. I touch my toes, feet together then just one leg, then sometimes a little "butterfly" (with two feet together and pull them towards me)
Sevim U.
Downward Facing Dog posture, with bent knees. It lengthens my spine and hamstrings and changes my perspective. I do it every day.
Constance T.
Child’s pose. It releases breath, tension and stiffness. Releases lower back, opens hips and aligns shoulders to their proper place
Luciara P.
There are three stretches that I find the most effective for me when I do stretching a couple times a day.

The first one is side stretch. So with your legs in a wide stance put your right hand on your hip and your left hand over your head and been to your right hold for 10+ seconds and then do the opposite side.

The second one I find effective is a wide leg stretch. With your legs wider than your shoulders bend forward and touch the ground. While you're down there take both hands to your right ankle and stretch and then to your left ankle, then back to the middle. Hold each stretch 10+ seconds.

The 3rd stretch that I do daily…with your feet hip-width apart take your arm straight up over your head and pointing your hand to the ceiling then slowly bend backwards continuing to look up at the ceiling. Go as far as you can without losing your balance. Hold for 10+ seconds.

Those three stretches I do daily, several times throughout my day to help rejuvenate me especially since I do a lot of sitting at a desk during the day.

Dale U.
It really depends on where you hold tension! I hold a lot of tension in my back and hamstrings. To release that, I do a lot of straight-legged stretches that involve me bending over towards my knees. This helps me release tension in my hamstrings. I also like the figure 4 stretch!
Stacey Z.
Lie flat on your back looking at the ceiling. Fold your knees up and roll your legs and hips to the left while extending your right arm straight out to the side continue to look straight up. Hold for 69 seconds and repeat on the opposite side. Roll your legs and hips to the right and extend your left arm. Hold for 60 seconds.
Kelya G.
My favorite stretch is twisting my upper body to the right for about 10 seconds and then switch and turn to the left. It releases a lot of tension in my back and helps digestion too.
Senol S.
I do not think only one stretch is beneficial. You should incorporate your whole body even if doing all the strenches takes 10 minutes. You just need to make sure your muscles do not feel tense. Just like doing yoga poses.
Daisy W.
Any stretch that will help me with flexibility. I like to do leg stretches, it helps my back, knees, and thighs. I sit on the floor and reach to my toes, I start with my legs together then move them apart, each time counting to 30. Then get on my knees bend down far as I can go with my legs apart and reach forward, this stretch is especially good for my back, hips, and inner thighs. If you stretch before you go to bed it helps you sleep more comfortably and peacefully.
Gerald F.
Downward facing dog, because the pulling on the hamstrings and the arching of the back really get a great thorough feeling of satisfaction whirring in your bones.