What order do you stretch in? Which body parts do you work with first and/or most?

Tamara E.
In the morning I stretch with big movements. With some slow sun salutations. And slow back twists. Inversions like down dog are always good too to get the blood circulating. In general I focus on my legs and back strengthening and stretching since these areas are always the tightest for me.
Kate N.
I start from my head and work my way down- it’s similar to a yoga flow and means you can gradually lower yourself for meditation
Kayli F.
as a dancer, i start with the legs and feet. i jump around for a minute to get blood pumping through my veins. then i do the hamstring like stretch, roll my ankles, straddle stretch, then press into my splits. it helps your legs feel nice and warmed up and you feel better throughout the day.
Harshita X.
Stretching your back is the most important part of your body. Then the rest of the muscles should be included. Start with the neck rotation, wrists, arms, back and then feet rotation. Hold every posture for 5 secs to realise the stress.
Hannah J.
I don’t go in a specific order every day to be honest, I try to listen to my body and move in a way that feels good that day. A lot of times I’ll focus on my hip flexors and shoulders because I have a desk job and those get very tight. Other days my legs need more stretching. There is no wrong way or order to go in, so do what feels good to you!
Emily N.
I start on the ground with my legs in a butterfly stretch. I then extend legs and stretch. Stand. Arms and neck stretches.
Jasmine L.
I use to take gymnastics and we would start with our legs. i guess i personally got into the habit of starting with legs but i’m sure whatever you like is fine. If you are just starting i would start with some tiny less effort stretches first like rolling out your arms.
Tiffany S.
I start with my legs cuz those ones feel the most tension then stretch my back then my arms my neck the back to my legs again
Nat Rcio E.
I usually start with my whole body, big movements, kinda to wake up my body, and then focus on my arms, my shoulders, my neck… Then I get down to the floor and stretch out my legs, lower back…
Vanz Z.
Actually i have very strong arms and feet. I have a weak stomach. So I stretch first my hips and abdomen. And I finish with feet and arms. So dont stress too much on weak parts of your body.
Robert U.
I like to start with my arms because I feel like it gets me moving, then shoulders, neck, core/back and legs. But feel free to experiment and see what works for you 😉
Leopoldo P.
Hands laced behind my back and then a forward fold is always first. After that I stretch out my legs with various forward folds. Not as often as I should I do happy baby pose to open up hips and massage the spine
Eder Q.
I start first with my upper body – head first then shoulders down to the torso and legs. I spend most of my time stretching my waist and back and legs.
Celine O.
I usually start with my neck, then my shoulders, arms, back, legs. In that order. From smaller movements to larger ones.
Flenn E.
I start by reaching up to stretch out my back. Then stretch forward bending at a 90 degree angle that stretches down the backs of the legs and the back further. Then straighten up and go through the whole body stretching my neck, arms and legs. I also roll my shoulders to help drop the tension.
Julien Y.
I start with my legs. Slow lunges get the muscles ready to stretch further. Then I stretch my back pushing my arms against a wall. Then I loosen my shoulder muscles by rotating them and stretch my arms across my front, one at a time. Then slow bends to touch my toes and up again. I finish by rotating my shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck and ankles. A few long deep breathes afterwards helps me to calm myself and appreciate the feeling of flexibility and strength. Afterwards I feel ready to tackle the next task of my day!
Maciek M.
I am starting from standing position. Stretching my arms and shoulders. After that I move my head.
After that go to stretch my Bach and leg.
All that exercises take from 5 to 8 minutes.
Stefanie C.
Neck, shoulders, high lunges, back (cat, cow, cobra, dolphin), legs (half moon, leg stretches, straight leg stretches), slopes, plank
Isilda P.
I start by stretching my arms and shoulders, stretching one arm across my chest and stretching it with my other arm. I also do shoulder rolls. Then I stretch my hamstrings. That’s usually all I’ve done unless there’s a part of my body that feels like it just really needs some stretching.