I do my usual stretching routine before working out, which is at 8 p.m. When I do it with my morning ritual at 6 a.m. I have a much smaller range of motion and am much more sore. Is there any way to counter this?

Stanley J.
Very good man! Anyway, no there is any way to counter it. But because you don’t have to!
It’s normal in the morning the body has just stayed many hours without moving, your body is in the coldest moment of the day, it’s completely normal!
Just enjoy your stretching, knowing that you are waking up your body, be gentle 🙂
Arthur Q.
This can often be normal, which can be related to over stretching or exercise as your training and engaging new muscles. It can also be related to your sleeping position and possibly your bed.
However take it slow and do not exert yourself too much. For me I find about 5 minutes after drinking water I wake up and my body is adjusted. I tend to stretch about 30mins after drinking water and watering my plants. I like stretching in my shower while the hot water is running this helps be breath better and i feel more energized and my insides feel lubricated. I do this helps.
Marc O.
Let me get this straight. You do a 6 AM workout routine. You feel that your muscles are sore and you lack range of motion. Then at night time, At approximately 8 PM you do your regular stretching routine. Wow! That sounds great! Maybe you need to watch a couple videos on YouTube to mix up your stretching routine. Find other muscles to stretch out that same time and find balance. But it sounds like you’re on the right road to well being . Also look at your routine and see if you’re hydrated enough.
Liam A.
I would say give yourself a moment to wake up more before stretching, as that is why you’re more sore and stiff, so put it later in your routine. Also, start slow and build up to bigger stretches. It will still be a helpful thing to do.
Salvador O.
The only way the body and mind heals is sleep or deep meditation. So its either your overworking yourself, not eating enough food to heal or energize, or your not getting efficient sleep.
Zo S.
it usually takes up to a month till our body gets used to adjust itself physically. I've had the chance to learn this important lesson to finish my workout early in the morning to achieve the maximum effect. usually people believe that working out in the morning will get them to be tired throughout the day but it's quite the contrary, you will have more time and much more energy
Kirk C.
If you are physically able to do the stretching at 8pm, you can also do it at another time of day. Build a mental picture of you stretching in morning light or the quiet of morning. Make a ritual of things that prepare your session of stretching. Put out your clothes. Have your mat ready and shoes. Relax with some breathing. Say to yourself you have already begun. Stretch now.
Penny A.
Warm up before you stretch or work out then stretch when your done. Drink water when you get up too to prevent getting dehydrated.
Elouan Z.
It may only be best to compare your morning stretches to your other morning stretches opposed to evening vs morning, considering that overnight your body has been fairly inactive… it seems unfair to your “I’ve been sleep all night body” to have a conversation about progress with the “I’ve been moving, busy – joints warm and lubricated body”.