do i have to do exercise? im 13 and i dont go out much on my own with my own permission. what can i do to exercise at home?

Linn O.
You don't HAVE TO, but it's a really smart investment! You benefit grossly from exercise both in the present and in the future. The here and now effects you might get are an easier and happier mind, more patience (with your parents for instance), more energy to do other things afterwards, better digestion, better self esteem and confidence, and a lot more!

I guess long term effects aren't what you focus on, but just know that exercise contributes to prevention of a whole bunch of deseases and illnesses that you really don't want later on in life.

How can you exercise at home? Well, there is many ways to do this. The most important thing is that you find something that suits you! Exercise comes in many forms and anything is better than nothing!
I for instance can have fun dancing with my daughter to just dance on Nintendo Switch, I bet there are other physical games available as well.
You can also find instructional videos on YouTube for different kinds of activities, like yoga, calisthenics, Pilates, juggling, acrobatics, well just about anything I guess. Pinterest also has a lot of ideas to explore!

Recommended time you should be active each day is 30 minutes, and anything that makes you sweat or challenge you body in some way counts. Even cleaning the house!

Good luck finding a routine that works for you!
Best regards
Linn, a booring mom from Norway 😉

Brigitta F.
First off I am proud of you for starting, especially with everything happening taking you time is important. I'm glad I get to answer your question since fitness is a huge part of my life. Rule one, start small until you get the hang of things. Use things around your house like putting a couple books in a back pack, lay on the floor and push the backpack towards the ceiling over your chest. Hold individual books out to the side of your body and lift up towards the ceiling. Start with sit ups, kneeling push ups. Then some moving to get your heart pumping like jumping jacks or jogging in place.
Good luck on all you do.
Kris A.
Any time I want to exercise at home I will start off with little stuff like jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, mountain climbers, burpees or do a little punching/kicking like boxing or kickboxing. You can also find stuff around the house to use as weights (like books or bottles of water) It’s also fun sometimes to put on your favorite music and just dance dance dance! Dancing is such a great workout and it’s fun! Another option is to surf the web for workout videos or yoga routines. Just follow whatever they are doing and try your best. It’s ok if you can’t do everything or have trouble keeping up…just keep trying and jump in where you can and take breaks or pause the video if you need to catch your breath. If you want a good workout but don’t feel like getting super sweaty at home, yoga is the way to go. It’s a lot of stretching and breathing but I always feel SO much better and glad that I did afterwards. Any exercise is good even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Get your body moving and you will also feel better about yourself, have more confidence and sleep and eat better. Good luck! Hope this helps 🙂
Taylor W.
Like the app says, even if you start with something basic, it counts! When you wake up, do a couple of leg lifts in bed. Maybe five pushups or sit-ups. Throw in a couple of squats. You don’t need tools or special equipment to exercise! Or, put some headphones in and dance around for one or two songs while you’re getting dressed. It can be more simple than you realize!
Princess N.
You can work in your flexibility by stretching. You can also do strength workouts by lifting cans of food or water jugs 🙂 or you can look up "Just Dance" YouTube videos and follow along! 🙂
Aisyah F.
If you're beginner you can start workout like fat burner from lena snow or April han fit and fashion in YouTube… But don't push yourself to workout everytime, okey…
Rasmus C.
Hi, you can do plenty of at home exercises. I like to watch YouTube videos on exercises. You can also download exercise apps.
Nicklas X.
You dont have to do anything but it is important to exercise.
There's a lot you can do at home you can check YouTube theres alot of video's that shows what you can do at home or look for an app the built you a plan
Also i would recommend you to ask help and permission from your perents before you try or committee to anything because it also could be harmful if you do something the wrong way or the plan you chose just isn't right for you
Robin Y.
There are lots of exercise tutorials on youtube that you can follow along with at home! Try searching for "beginner at home workout"
Kevin A.
Exercise makes you physically and mentally stronger and healthier. My friends taught me that, and helped me get started. I use my own body weight to do push ups, sits ups, and squats. I started by only doing 5 of each! I noticed my weakness and wanted to become stronger for myself and for others. You can protect the people you love and the people who need you if you are stronger. If you have a space in a garden, you can use simple equipment like a skipping rope to make exercise sessions shorter (30 minutes of running = 10 minutes of skipping). If you don't, use your bedroom as your home gym. Use the bed to make push ups harder, by resting your feet on it and pushing up all the way from the floor. Hook your feet under the bed, to keep them down while you do sit ups. Squat while looking at a poster, to motivate yourself and give yourself a point of reference. Use anything you can to improve your strength, balance, and cardiovascular health. Some of the strongest people in the world came from nothing. Do not be embarrassed if you can't go out, getting stronger at home still yields the same results. Confidence, improved physical and mental health, and greater happiness.
Carole Q.
i would suggest something relaxing like yoga or dancing around to music in your room . if you want more traditional exercises there is lots of core exercises you can do at home with just your body and no fancy equipment.
Fallon B.
Don't put pressure on yourself. I'm sure you get you're body moving without trying. If you want to feel like you are doing something on purpose, try running up and down the stairs a couple times. Do bicycle kicks lying on your bed. Have a dance to your favourite songs! Make it fun.