I’m not quite sure on how to stretch in the morning. I don’t wanna do anything too heavy and I’m wondering if anybody has a good routine?

Vin Cio C.
I think what has helped me best is a simple 3 to 5 minute routine and I try to stick to it every morning when I first get up and then that guides my body as to if that enough or if I will need more through out the day

Malthe C.
Hey, first off all. In morning you never over do it. Cause your body is still quite asleep and you can hurt yourself. Start with neck, go as far you can on right, then on left, forward and back. Then do this ring kind of movments. Then do your shoulders, take with other hand your elbow and stretch as far as you can, without discomfort to yourself. Then do some light jumping Jack's. That will help your body to warm up for deeper stretches. Then you can do stretches to ground, toes. It doesn't matter that you can't reach them just go as fast as you can without discomfort

Paul X.
My morning streching routin is really light. Im doing only few positions standing in front of mirror trying to be mindfull and set up my mind for positive thoughts (looking to my body with love mind set). It is like mini sun-welcoming in yoga. About 2 min long. I hope I helped. Good luck!

Delia J.
Yes! Just start by bending over and touching your toes. Then spread your feet apart in a ‘v’ and bend to the floor. Next stand up straight and lean to the left and stretch your right hand over your body. Switch and do the other side. Lastly, pull up your ankle to touch your behind to stretch your thighs.

Rosa C.
I start with a gentle overhead stretch making sure I fully extended my arms. Then I elongate my body to the right and left side for about 30 seconds each. After that I swing out my arms gently. I then place my hand on the side of my face and stretch it down toward my shoulder (both sides). After all the top is stretched I move to my bottom half and I do the basic right/left straddle & middle straddle then from the middle straddle I bend into frog pose and hold it for awhile making sure I’m pressing my elbows into my knees so that my hips are getting a good stretch. Next you want to sit on your bottom and forward fold make sure when you come up you shake out your legs. Following that you can pretzel your body on both sides as if you were trying to crack your back. Then rest in child’s pose.

Megan O.
Just stretch your back, swing your arm for 30 times or even do a 5 mins yoga practice from YouTube. Just make it a good start

Arron L.
There’s a really nice 1 min stretch routine on the Fabulous app (if I can ever find it again). Mainly, anything is better than nothing, so even if you’re lying in bed, just gently start flexing different muscles to test for soreness before you hop out of bed.

Cameron Y.
The app has a ten minute routine that's really good, you can always google quick stretch routines and check out YouTube results for examples of what you can do