How can I be motivated to stretch? To me, it seems something so simple that it’s a bit annoying. Although it healthy for your body. So how can I be motivated to something simple like that?

Toni Y.
I am a big fan of post-it notes. If I was having trouble with stretching, I would either myself (or ideally have a friend or family member) hide “stretch it out!” Post-it notes in odd and obvious places. Every time you find one, you stretch for a minute. It doesn’t take much. You can do it anywhere and it’s even more fun when it’s a surprise! I’ve found supportive post-it Notes from my bff while brushing my teeth and standing line at the bank! Stretching is perfect for this technique because you really can stretch *something* for 60 seconds ANYWHERE! Even if it’s just your neck, hands, or ankles!
Edineusa Y.
I have a hard time with this too. I started small and told myself just a small stretch at a time so that’s the way I am starting, one stretch. Takes just seconds. Then it might lead to another one. I found I was stressing myself out worrying about stretching. Lol.