How do you stretch in the mornings?

Gabriel X.
I do 15 seconds each of hip flexor stretches and cat/cow. It helps with stiffness in my back and knees. I find that I can walk easier during the day also, so I get more steps in.

Felix Y.
Stretching your arms and legs can help. You can stretch on the floor, in the bed, by the doors… if you stretch your muscles like this or on the other way, I’m sure it will be good.

Leon R.
I usually just do common stretches seen in any high school gym class. There are plenty of YouTube videos for quick, 5 minute stretches to start your day off right :))

Haroldo Q.
Well, I wake up at 5:50 for a reason. It is so that I can easily see when I should stop stretching. When I sleep, I sleep in weird positions that make my body tense, so when I wake up, while I’m still in bed, I will just stretch my arms up to the sky, touch my toes, stretch my thighs, shoulders, and everything like that. My advice to you it to not have a certain stretching routine you do everyday. Just do what feels good to your body that morning. You may keep up to your routine, but you aren’t stretching a part of your body that needs to be stretched, or you are stretching something that shouldn’t be stretched that day, or ever! Stretch a leg! Literally!

Valerij U.
I first take 3 long breaths. Then I do my happy dance. Which is doing the moonwalk. Hehe! Then I stretch my arms to reach the stars. Then stretch whole body like a star fish.