Do you prefer stretching in the morning as soon as you wake up or in the evening before bed and why?

Magnus Mortensen
Before bed is important to me because I feel like I can release all the stress and tension from the day, but also in the morning to get the blood moving!

Nicoline Rasmussen
I hold a lot of stress and anxiety in my back and shoulders and I sit at a desk for my job. I tend to stretch through out the day. I do find that I wake up more stiff and I make sure to stretch every morning just as I’m getting out of bed. My grandfather always told me that a good stretch and rubbing the soles of your feet on the carpet will generate blood flow and get you awake and ready for the day. I can’t say that he was wrong!

Rose-marie Plöger
I prefer to stretch in the evening. Mostly because I take time to workout every morning and a stretch seems unnecessary. It’s also nice to lay in bed with a relaxed and adjusted body.

Noe Laurent
I prefer in the morning as that is when I eusually exercise. I use Wii Active Sports 2 which always starts with stretches and finishes with cool down stretches.

Jen Stephens
Yes to both! Right after I wake up, while still in bed, I stretch every bit I can, right down to wiggling my toes. I breathe deeply, and imagine taking the breath into every muscle. I also use that time to "greet the day," say a prayer, start right. Then in the evening, at best I like to do a 30-minute yoga session, and at least take 3 minutes to breathe deeply and stretch to the sky, do Mountain Pose, or otherwise "stretch the day out of my bones." I also like to add a 3-minute stretching session with some breathing at 3:00 pm, to get me through the low-energy part of the day. If I can put earbuds in and stretch and breathe to a Fabulous guided meditation, or meditative music, all the better! All this really, really does help me get through my day calmly!

Annette Weißenborn
At night. In the morning I find I am so stiff I find stretching painful and counterproductive. Maybe after I am consistently getting light exercise in the morning, I will stretch after it.

Villads Thomsen
Light stretching in morning is great Becks body has become stiff from sleeping 8 hrs. But I don’t do it because I’ve been lazy

Liliana Pausch
Definitely in the morning! My aging body needs to stretch before moving, otherwise I’m kinda stiff all day & more prone to headaches.
Stretching in the evening before bed is good too, to relax. Although I’m usually so tired by bed time, I just drift off..

Jessica Lucas
Both! In the morning I do some energizing stretches to start my day right while in the evening I do calming stretches to have a good sleep