I want some stretch exercises… What can be they and when should I do it?

Felicia C.
Stretching when you wake up can prepare you for the day and make you feel more energised. Some good stretches are: child’s pose, standing forward bend, downward dog, three legged dog, lunges, crescent lunge, warrior ii, reverse warrior, triangle pose, plank, upward dog, cat & cow and butterfly pose. You can look these up to see pictures of how to do them properly. I hope this helps 🙂

Suraje G.
I like the sun salutation within a few minutes of waking up and the moon salutation any time in the late evening before bed.

Logan J.
I like to stretch first thing in the morning. After doing some pushups, I tend to do a few stretching exercises, such as standing with my feet together and reaching for my toes, standing with my feet either together or shoulder width distance and reaching for the stars, and standing feet hip/shoulder width apart again or feet together (up to you) stretching my arms and hands up, out, around, and down into a prayer position (Anjali Mudra), bring up and reverse, while focusing on my breathing, letting go of all the bad energy and breathing in all of the good energy. Breathe out the bad. Breathe in the good. 🙂