What kind of stretching do they do?

Felecia Y.
I have a family history of back trouble so I'm careful to focus on strengthening and stretching my back. I have arthritis in my knees so I focus strengthening and stretching my legs in the knee area.

M Ximo S.
I’m not sure what different “kinds” of strectching there are. I have a routine I have accumulated over the years from dance classes and worouts that targets every muscle I can. If I do 30 secs on each stretch it takes me about 15mins. I think the main places that are missed often are the biceps, hips and inner thigh. I find sitting with legs crossed and lean over you legs is a great one you can do anytime. It’s hard to explain stretches but there are great articles online. If you search for some and try them out to see what your body needs and then add what you like to your routine.

Lucille P.
I started for a few weeks with the stretching download on this app and now I have just downloaded and app called 30 Day Splits in order to do the front/back splits. It’s a goal to aim for so will keep me motivated. I’m already more flexible than I’ve ever been in my life in less than a month of using this app!