What types of stretches do you do?

Anthony S.
I start gentle, slowly stretching my arms, legs and back. Rolling my head, shoulders before reaching up and touching the sky. I breathe Calmly and slowly whilst doing these stretches. I allow my body to relax before reaching down and touching my toes, standing up I go onto my top toes with my arms in the air- I do this a couple of times. With one arm pointing up to the ceiling I lean to the side, stretching my lower back and sides. I do this a couple of times either side.
Silvestre O.
I love dance, and gymnastics, but since I do not currently have the time to stretch so deeply I do arms stretch, head rotation, back stretch, little bit of leg stretching, and breathing deeply is the number one tool!
Megan Q.
Mostly back/arm stretches. I feel like I need those most since I work at a desk all day. Maybe I can find something to work my legs while I'm sitting
Alexis Q.
Usually stretching all my limbs and my stomach to lessen the fat and strengthen my running capacity and lifting strength.