Do you have any recommendations for stretches at work?

Brice A.
a ton of neck and shoulder stretches can be done in a chair! my favorite is this: interlock your fingers and hold your hands on the back of your head. pull your shoulder blades away from your ears, and roll your chin down to your chest.
Cassandra T.
If you have sitting job in the office, don't feel ashamed When soMebody is looking at you, if you have garden or balcony or even a little place on corridor, just Find quiet place and for tree minutes before or after break, do some stretching from head to toeS, if you're sitting you can stretch muscles of your neck and evEn eyes, thanks to that they will Be less tired 🙂
Silke P.
Perhaps try a few minutes doing stretches in a nearby stairwell inside your work building using the stairs to help do some stretches?
Julian R.
While sitting upright position shoulders back tilt your head forward and slowly rotate your head side to side
Bring your head up to mid range and move your head as far to the left and as far to the right
This gives you a nice neck stretch
Another good work stretch is place one foot on a step or chair and lean into the stretch as far as you can go
Rotate legs