What is the most useful stretch?

Sara G.
I love yoga poses such as downward dog and pigeon that stretch the hips and hamstrings. But the World’s Greatest Stretch is very aptly named!
Asta Z.
Stretching anything muscle in my neck and my back. I sit all day and it really hurts in those areas so stretching just eases so much of that tension especially in my shoulder blade to back area.
Liliana U.
I get tension headaches, so for me during this time I love doing neck and jaw stretches. For the you let your jaw hang loose, then you drag you finger down from just under your cheekbone right over the joint to the bottom on your jawline. I repeat this a few times on each side and massage my jaw and under my cheekbones. I also drop my head forward (face down) and put my hands on the back of my head, pushing down for added pressure. This stretches out the back of your neck and helps lengthen your spine! I also try and move through each body part, stretching as far outward as possible to open up my joints! Good luck xo
Lisa F.
Triangle pose is my most useful stretch. It really opens up the body and heart and is a great start to a beautiful day!!!
Kevin X.
A back stretch. Lay on your back and bend your knees. Then slowly move and rotate each knee up and back towards your chest.